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Nowadays, many people all over the world suffer from such kind of sleep disorder, which is called as sleepwalking. Sleepwalking, which also known as somnambulism – is a sleep disorder, during which a person, being in the state of a low consciousness do some kind of activities, which he or she usually does in the state of full consciousness. All these activities could be done by a person while sitting in the bed, or walking around the room, etc. At the first sight, sleepwalking cannot make a great danger to a person, but some researches show that there are some accidents, when a person, who is suffering from sleepwalking goes out of home and was walking in the road or being injured falling from the window. So what are the reasons of sleepwalking disease?

-           Some researches show, that the reason of sleepwalking is genetic factors. Most often sleepwalking occurs in identical twins. Some researchers say that sleepwalking can be inherited from parents to children. It's common for insomnia sufferes to sleepwalk sometimes.

-           Another reason of the disease is some environmental factors, such as bad sleeping habits, chaotic sleeping schedule, constant stresses, alcohol intoxication, the usage of drugs, etc.


-           Sleepwalking also can also appear if a person has some medical symptoms or diseases, like abnormal heart rhythm, obstructive sleep apnea, fever, panic attacks, multiple personal disorders, convulsions, etc.


All these factors can be a cause of sleepwalking among children and adults. What are the treatment measures against this disease? First of all it is necessary to learn how often a person sleepwalking. If it is happening occasionally, because a person overworked or did notsleep better, there is no need to take some extra treatment measures. But if a person, especially a child, has constant attacks of sleepwalking during the night, an urgent measure should be taken. The second step is to determine the reason of the disease – alcohol intoxication or constant stress state, bad sleeping habits or mental disorder, etc. It is also necessary to visit a doctor and pass some examination. Usually, a person who suffers from sleepwalking is prescribed some medicines, such as benzodiazepines, clonazepam, tricyclic antidepressants, etc. 

There are some measures of treatment which should be done at home by a person, who suffers from sleepwalking:

-           You should determine an optimal sleeping schedule for you.

-           A good way to relax before going to bed is to meditate or do some relaxing exercises. Besides, yoga exercises will help you to relax quickly. 

-           Try to avoid watching a lot of television programs and listening to load music before you are going to bed. 

-           Take out of your sleeping room all harmful or sharp subjects, which may injured you.

-           If you have a two-floored bed, sleep at the ground floor not to fall down on the floor at night. 

-           It will be also good to lock all the windows and doors in the room. 

-           It will be good to cover windows with drapes. 

-           It is necessary to protect yourself from being injured while sleepwalking.

It is important to mention that suffer from sleepwalking can as children as adults and very often it may happen that a person does not need a serious medical treatment. More often the causes of sleepwalking are lack of sleep or bad sleeping disorders, stresses or mental disorders – so sometimes there is a need to bring your life schedule and habits in order to stop the appearance of the disease. It is also important to mention that sleepwalking in childhood will pass away while a child is growing. 

If you have some signs of sleepwalking, but do not want to visit a doctor, you can help yourself by doing some relaxing exercises at home, before you are going to bed. You can take a warm bath with some aroma oils, which help you to relax and feel calm. It will be also nice to listen to some relaxing, but not very loud music and to meditate a little. Try to think about something pleasant and beautiful to relax you mind. You can also drink a cup of chamomile tea, before going to bed - it will calm down your nervous system as well. 

I wish you to be healthy and strong!



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